MultiMedia Visual Information Seeking

Stacie Lynn Hibino
University of Michigan

Table of Contents

[Annotated Short Version]

[Author's Note: Many of my thesis chapters are available as separately published papers. Below, I have annotated each thesis chapter with its corresponding publication (see list of Thesis Related Publications at end of this page).]

Thesis Front Matter:

Dedication, Acknowledgments, Preface (see Abstract), List of Figures, and List of Tables


  1. Introduction
  2. Overall Framework and Annotation Model (See [6])
  3. TVQL: A Temporal Visual Query Language (See [6] and [7])
  4. TViz: Temporal Visualization of Results (See [4] and [5])
  5. Processing TVQL Queries (Shortened version available in [2])
  6. A Case Study Using MMVIS for Temporal Analysis of Real CSCW Video Data (See [4])
  7. Evaluating the TVQL User Interface (See [3])
  8. Evaluating the MMVIS Framework for Temporal Analysis (See [1])
  9. Related Work
  10. Conclusion and Future Directions



Thesis Related Publications

[1]  Hibino, S. and Rundensteiner, E.A. (1998a). "Comparing MMVIS to a Timeline for Temporal Trend Analysis of Video Data," Advanced Visual Interfaces 1998 (AVI'98) Conference Proceedings. NY: ACM Press, 195-204. (258K gzip'd ps file, 147K gzip'd ps file of color plate)
[2] Hibino, S. and Rundensteiner, E.A. (1998b). "Processing Incremental Multidimensional Range Queries in a Direct Manipulation Visual Query Environment," 1998 International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE'98) Conference Proceedings. Los Alamitos, CA: IEEE Computer Society, 458-465. (224K gzip'd PS file)
[3]  Hibino, S. and Rundensteiner, E.A. (1997a). "User Interface Evaluation of a Direct Manipulation Temporal Visual Query Language," ACM Multimedia'97 Conference Proceedings. NY: ACM Press, 99-107. (308K gzip'd PS file)
[4]  Hibino, S. and Rundensteiner, E.A. (1997b). "Interactive Visualizations for Temporal Analysis: Application to CSCW Multimedia Data." In Intelligent Multimedia Information Retrieval (Mark Maybury, Ed.). Boston, MA: MIT Press, 313-335. (213 gzip'd PS file)
[5]  Hibino, S. and Rundensteiner, E.A. (1996a). "MMVIS: Design and Implementation of a MultiMedia Visual Information Seeking Environment." ACM Multimedia'96 Conference Proceedings, NY: ACM Press, 75-86. (1.6Meg gzip'd pdf file, 363K gzip'd PS file)
[6]  Hibino, S. and Rundensteiner, E.A. (1996c). "A Visual Multimedia Query Language for Temporal Analysis of Video Data." In Multimedia Database Systems: Design and Implementation Strategies (K. Nwosu, B. Thuraisingham, and P.B. Berra, Eds.). Norwell, MA: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 123-159. (242K gzip'd PS file)
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